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It is tempting to jump right from the hosannas of Palm Sunday to the alleluias of Easter. Who wants to wash dirty feet or hang out in a cemetery? It is way more fun to dress up in a new … Continue reading

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Holy Week

Holy week must have been an emotional rollercoaster ride for the disciples. It is for us too when we enter into the story of Jesus’ passion. Jesus’ self-giving love leads to betrayal, suffering, and death. As we gather to worship … Continue reading

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Outrageous and Extravagant

Outrageous! Extravagant! Jesus’ passionate love for us sends him to the cross. It seems incredible to think of an instrument of torture (the cross) as the way to Life. Yet today we see the cross as a sign of life. … Continue reading

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Luke 15:11-32

Have you lost anything lately? Personally I have NOT had a good week for hanging onto things. In fact I’m not even willing to admit on-line the items I’ve lost or left behind this week. Sorry:) You’ll have to come … Continue reading

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Luke 13:1-9

Not everything lives up to its potential or purpose. The cell phone stops working. Or a plant doesn’t produce flowers. How do we respond? • let them hang around worthless • throw them away • work on them to fix … Continue reading

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