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The Guest List

The guest list is an important part of any celebration, whether it is a birthday, graduation, or wedding bash. Who is invited? Who will come? Think about your last party. Who did you invite? How did you decide? I am … Continue reading

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Good News?

Our Bible story this Sunday is from Luke 13:10-17. Take one minute to watch and listen. What wonderful news! Jesus changes everything! After 18 years of crippling pain, this woman is free to see the world anew. She is able … Continue reading

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Stressed Out

STRESS is something we all experience. We are pulled in many ways with responsibilities, relationships, and schedules. We cannot do everything and be everything—even though that is what we want. Just reading the word makes my blood pressure go up! … Continue reading

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What do you treasure? A Google search of “treasure” brings hits for treasure chests, casinos, and earthly riches. The dictionary definition starts with wealth too. That may be where our culture goes first when thinking about treasure. But a deeper … Continue reading

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