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Ordinary Saints

Ordinary Saints Do you know any saints?  Stop and think of one before reading on.  Many people name St. Francis or Mother Teresa—those super holy people who do outstanding things.  Usually we don’t think of the words “ordinary” and “saints” … Continue reading

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Why Should I wait for Someone Else?

The world is inspired by Malala Yousefzia. Malala was a young girl in Pakistan when the Taliban decided to close the schools using brutal force. Instead of complaining or cowering, she wondered: “Why should I wait for someone else? Why … Continue reading

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Thankful Hearts

Like many parents, I try to instill good manners in my children. Please and thank you are things we say in this family. Thank you notes are something we write in this family–every Christmas, graduation, or birthday. As a parent … Continue reading

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Uniquely Made by God

My heart broke last night at Confirmation. We talked about how God made us—unique and special. The 7th-8th graders took a multiple intelligence quiz to find out which areas were their strengths (music, logic, words, nature, people, self, or picture). … Continue reading

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