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Attitude Check!

When I was a camp counselor at Luther Crest Bible camp, we had a fun ritual. Throughout the day someone could yell: “Attitude Check!” The campers in the vicinity would then holler back all together: “Praise the Lord!” Volume was … Continue reading

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Thank You

“Thank you.” Two simple words with eight measly letters.  But these words can change the way we see everything.  Just like putting on a pair of glasses, the world looks different.  We notice things we didn’t see before.  New things … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

Before the car is even out of town, little voices holler from the back seat:  “Are we there yet?”  Over and over we hear the same question and for a very, very long time the answer remains the same.  “No. … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces

As I stand under the tree and look up, I can see dark branches against the bright blue sky.  Just a week ago the tree was filled with colored leaves, but now empty space remains. Our kitchen table has empty … Continue reading

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