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Listen To Him

Parents and teachers have all kinds of strategies to get their children to listen: • a gentle touch on the shoulder • giving them “the look” • moving in eyeball to eyeball • taking away a cell phone • add … Continue reading

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What does the Kingdom of God look like?

Last Sunday I met with kindergarteners to talk about the Lord’s Prayer.  As we talked about “Thy kingdom come” I pulled out a crown to see what they knew about kings.  Except for Disney royalty, I didn’t think they would … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you eaten any candy hearts? Or helped a child write 30+ Valentines? Or ordered flowers or chocolates for a sweetheart? We usually associate Valentine’s Day with sugary, sentimental romance.  Yet anyone who is a parent or … Continue reading

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Got Salt?

The past couple of weeks our Confirmation students have been talking about the ordinary stuff of water, wine, and bread. As you may have guessed, we are studying the sacraments. Jesus comes to us in these very ordinary things which … Continue reading

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