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Do You See?

Peter was five years old when he went to his kindergarten screening. Our precocious son was more than ready to start school. He knew his colors and shapes. He could run and jump to keep up with his older brother. … Continue reading

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In the Brightness of Day

Last week we learned about Nicodemus who came to Jesus in the darkness of night (John 3:1-17). This week we meet a woman who meets Jesus in the brightness of day. If an English teacher told us to compare and … Continue reading

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Questions in the Night

Why do our deepest fears and questions seem to haunt us in the night?  Maybe we can distract ourselves during the day or pretend they don’t exist. But in the darkness of the night we wonder… Just like a child … Continue reading

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You are Dust

“You are dust and to dust you will return” is not a good introduction to make new friends or even to keep old ones. It is not a message that anyone wants to hear.  But that is exactly what the … Continue reading

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