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Problem or Possibility?

Problem or Possibility? More and more people who do not speak English are moving into the community. Is this a problem or does it offer possibility? Due to a health issue, you need to spend significant time at health facilities. … Continue reading

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Too Generous?

I have been thinking about the amazing generosity and grace of God lately.  A few weeks ago while hiking on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I fell and dislocated my wrist and broke two bones.  My wrist was a MESS! I … Continue reading

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The Hardest Words

I forgive you are three of the hardest words to say. We have all been hurt. Sometimes it was done on purpose. Other times we are hurt by others’ ignorance. But the wounds go deep. They affect our relationships • … Continue reading

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Where Two or Three Are Gathered

Our lives are very busy. Many of us are overscheduled with work, family commitments, school, sports, and hobbies. Why do we bother adding one more thing to our schedule—going to worship on Sunday mornings? Doesn’t sleeping in seem more appealing? … Continue reading

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