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Year in Review

The year in review is everywhere…on Facebook, on television, in Time magazine.  How do you mark the end of the year and the possibilities of the new one? One that my children enjoyed was writing notes and leaving them in … Continue reading

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The Lord is With You

The teenager shuffled into the house and plopped down on a chair.  She sighed. It had been a long day.  Now it was time to start chores. Suddenly she heard an unexpected voice, “Hello. You are special; the Lord is … Continue reading

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Christmas Is…

Sunday we will light three candles on the Advent wreath.  Only one more to go until Christmas!  Maybe we should take a moment to reflect…What is Christmas all about?  We see the signs and bumper stickers—Jesus is the Reason for … Continue reading

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Prepare. Repent.

“Prepare the way of the Lord,” shouts John the Baptist in our Bible reading this week, Mark 1:1-8. We probably do not need John’s reminder to prepare. The holiday season is all about preparing. Many of us already have “to … Continue reading

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Wake Up! Wake Up!

“Wake up! Wake up! You will be late for school!” was my morning cry every day for years. Getting teenagers out of bed and off to school was a daily battle. Don’t they understand how lucky they are to have … Continue reading

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