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Stay Connected

Ask any teen about staying connected and they will whip out their cell phone.  With that small devise they stay connected minute by minute with their friends and family. They can send photos, texts, email, videos, and even old fashioned … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

My favorite image of Jesus has always been Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  This picture has been on my bedroom wall since I was in elementary school!  I love the idea of Jesus as my Shepherd, guiding and caring for … Continue reading

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Adrenaline Rush

Spring in Minnesota means Valleyfair will be opening soon. Rollercoaster lovers will be happy to jump on their favorite ride and soar through the sky again. Do you enjoy rollercoasters and the rush of emotions? Excitement, fear, anticipation, joy, and … Continue reading

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Touch and See

Touch and See The children eagerly gathered. They pushed in close. Pastor Krista was telling the story of Jesus, the cross, and the empty tomb. But hearing the story was not enough. The children wanted to touch each piece—the crown … Continue reading

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The End?

I have been stuck on endings this week. Maybe I should have noticed all the endings of holy week before. The title of “The Last Supper” is a clue. Like a servant Jesus washes his disciples’ feet.  Then Jesus shares … Continue reading

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