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Sent Out with God’s Blessing

Every parent knows the bittersweet of letting go.  The delight in a child’s first steps gives way to parental tears as the child happily goes off to kindergarten school without them. The joy of a loved one learning to ride … Continue reading

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Warning: Pentecost

Why don’t we put warning signs on our church doors? Why don’t we bubble wrap our children when we read them Bible stories? Is it because we don’t expect anything to happen? Is our faith too safe? As a lifelong … Continue reading

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Still Easter?

Still Easter? Why is it still Easter? I love the questions from Confirmation students.  Katelyn knew that April 5 was Easter. Now it was May but the bulletin still said it was Easter. So why is it still Easter? The … Continue reading

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Parting Words

What are your favorite parting words for the people you love?  Good bye. I love you. See you soon. “Be good and if you can’t be good, be careful!  Make good choices!”  My friend Pam gives these words of advice … Continue reading

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