Monthly Archives: January 2016

It’s Not Fair

“It’s not fair!” the second graders complained. Add a little foot stomping or door slamming for effect. Brothers or sisters have later bedtimes or get a bigger piece of cake. Sometimes the second graders get blamed for things they didn’t … Continue reading

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Beyond Imagination

The buzz this week has been about the biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpot ever. I keep overhearing conversations. ..”Did you enter? What would you do if you won?”  Jackpot signs are not big enough to display the amount of $1.5 billion. … Continue reading

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The father hugs his son tightly. With sparkling eyes and overflowing heart, he says, “You are my beloved son.” Dad continues to tell his son how much he is loved until the son pulls away ready to go on playing. … Continue reading

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