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Fruit Salad

Yum! There is nothing like a wonderful fruit salad! What is your favorite fruit? Do you know how it grows? On our trip to Hawaii we learned about growing pineapples. It takes 18 months for the first fruit to mature … Continue reading

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God as…

The Bible is filled with images to describe God–father, king, Savior, shepherd, counselor, Alpha and Omega. We are limited by earthly language as we try to describe the holy mystery of God. We find an interesting comparison made by Jesus … Continue reading

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Some temptations are obvious. The temptation to eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies for an afternoon snack is not a good choice for our health. Other temptations are more subtle. The temptation to catch up on Facebook instead … Continue reading

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Big Questions

If you could talk for an hour to any one person past, present, or future who would you choose? This was the introductory question at a meeting I recently attended. Stop for a minute to think. Who would you choose? … Continue reading

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