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Idol Tale?

I came home from Easter worship this week a little bit ticked off. Why didn’t those disciples believe the women when they announced that Jesus was alive? Luke’s gospel says they thought it was an idle tale. How dare they … Continue reading

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The Last Word

We love to have the last word in an argument. We cherish the last words of a dying loved one. There is power in the last word—especially Jesus’ last Word. Today we celebrate Maundy Thursday—mandate Thursday. Jesus washes the disciples’ … Continue reading

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It’s Not Complicated

Sunday begins the holiest week of the year. We remember Jesus’ last days. We celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. It might be easier to jump from the Palm Sunday parade straight to Easter celebration. But without … Continue reading

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The Overture

Lights dim. People settle into their seats. Everyone holds their breath as the drama begins. But first comes the overture. Overture music hints at what is to come. Themes are introduced which will soon be played out on the stage. … Continue reading

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The boys were playing outside on an early spring day. Brian and Peter ages 5 and 3 rode big wheels up and down the sidewalk. Dressed in jackets and boots they were having a grand time. The fun came to … Continue reading

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