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The Center of Faith

The 8th grade Confirmation students at Good Shepherd are busy writing their faith statements. While they like to complain about creating faith statements, the process makes them think deeply about what is at the center of their faith. When completed, … Continue reading

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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bible

It is hard to imagine a time without access to a Bible. Today a google search can find you any Bible verse or any Bible story that you want. Any time. Anywhere. We can read God’s Word! But back in … Continue reading

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Here I Stand

What do you stand for? Is there anything that makes you passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone to act, even if it might get you in trouble? While you think about your own passions, let me tell … Continue reading

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Gift of Grace

Brian age 3 brought me a gift. I could see he had wrapped the package himself—wrinkled paper, an abundance of tape, and anticipation in his face. I opened it, wondering about the pink blob of clay I found inside. But … Continue reading

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Marked for Death. Marked for Life.

Dust on the forehead is a powerful image—especially on the faces of those we love. They are marked for death. We are marked for death. We are all fragile creatures and death will come. While most of the time we … Continue reading

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