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Us and Them

Our brains are wired to automatically sort information. This feature helps us remember and understand the world around us. Oh we are so good at this! We divide the people around us into groups: Vikings versus Packers. PEM versus Lourdes. … Continue reading

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What does greatness look like? Who is the greatest? Pause to answer the question. Find someone to talk to about it. Did you and your conversation partner agree? Is greatness… The star player on the basketball team? The owner of … Continue reading

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Building Lives in Christ

What kind of foundation does it take to raise a 115 ton crane 150 feet in the air, then lift a load? We found that out this morning as Arber Wise removed a 90 foot cottonwood from our back yard. … Continue reading

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40th Anniversary

Anniversaries are a time to look back and tell stories… As Good Shepherd celebrates its fortieth anniversary this weekend, it is interesting to look at what was happening forty years ago. * Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. … Continue reading

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