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What are you waiting for?

We have to wait all the time. In lines. In traffic. For people. So what are you waiting for right now? I’m waiting for an Amazon package with supplies we need for the Christmas program. It has been delayed and … Continue reading

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Give Thanks

Enjoy this humorous and insightful video as you give thanks![0]=68.ARANlScOjG823EdCE4Jo6RkarP4JmsZle3M4K5iMaMl5bWWjw2H_xV5qxKoN82I1uZMHNu7ZKTQ3R154kkXcggsTGgH1TWIp1yPifVvtyR2LWqzYMJDFyEbKNhVU6TlTrjk00fR_FlY4QSNqM-MFb-Y-QPmCqECRgrs_-5IxQXfJ4R-h6WGJ1oL_xPfFBrxGHrQD24Pk_Yx-5A0HE2g1MSiWDBj4lZRrYQdVXwRDBgycx9X9wIU-5XBMvaXTQNW6v9BFNdUqTnYi69twivWEFV3-AOV_NrxStc3ZRtT5ojKpEIAyjlJq_nuRkK4zpv8FPoZ2ZK_O5lGZChijb1b7pfAPnWEFjS4&__tn__=FC-R What would you add? At the top of my thankful list today is community—chances to be together. • I give thanks for the ten wild and wonderful junior high … Continue reading

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Holding Tight

Confirmation students ask brilliant and deep questions! This week a student asked, “Why do people hold on to things so tightly? Why do people who have so much not share with those who have little?” Stop and let that sink … Continue reading

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