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Jesus Is…Shaking Things Up

Much of the time when we think of Jesus, we think of a kind, loving teacher and healer. Someone ready to help us. Someone who is with us. Someone who is nice and wants us to be nice to others. … Continue reading

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Jesus Is…

When two different people describe someone, they often emphasize different things. For example when I tell about my sons I may start with their over 6 foot height. I still can’t believe my cute little babies have turned into giant … Continue reading

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Water into Wine

During this Epiphany season we are discovering “Who is Jesus?” The Gospel of John is helping us uncover who Jesus is—not only to the world, but also to us. This week we will hear about Jesus’ miracle found in John … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus?

The Christmas tree is down. The decorations are packed up. The carols are over. So now what? Do we pack up Jesus with the nativity and leave him in the box until next Christmas? As any parent knows, the birth … Continue reading

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