In the Gospel on Sunday, Jesus tells the story of a woman hunting for her ONE lost coin and a shepherd hunting for ONE lost sheep out of a hundred. Jesus the master storyteller uses the ordinary to invite us into the mysteries of God’s amazing welcome. We can all relate to being lost or losing something. So when Jesus tells a story about lost coins and lost sheep we are drawn into the story.

God is the patient seeker looking and looking and never giving up. I wonder if lost sheep know they are lost. I know lost coins don’t know they are lost. Yet, God continues to search for the precious ONE even if they don’t know they need to be found.

Sometimes we know we are lost and sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t matter. Either way God’s welcome is for you. Either way God is coming after you with open arms saying, “I love you and will never let you go.”

As people of God’s welcome, we get to tell and live this extraordinary story. Look around. Who is standing alone at a soccer game? Who is struggling with cancer? Who is confused and lonely in a nursing home? Who is excluded at the lunch table? Who is overwhelmed by pressures at work? Who is alone in prison? Who doesn’t know where their next meal will come from? Who needs a Sunday school teacher? Every time we reach out in love, we join God’s abundant welcome.Enjoy this version of Luke 15:1-10

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