A Sower Went Out to Sow

IMG_5218We are deep into growing season here in Minnesota.  Seeds are growing into tall stalks or healthy vines Tiny shoots have turned into lush plants or flowers of all colors and sizes.  How appropriate that our Bible stories the next few weeks are parables about plants, seeds and farmers.

Jesus tells stories (parables) to the crowd to explain God’s extraordinary kingdom.  Ordinary things like seeds, weeds, and rocks take on new meaning from Jesus.

Our lesson this week is Matthew 12:1-9, 18-23.  “A sower went out to sow…” Since I’m not good with plants myself, I decided to visit Betty and her garden.  Maybe she would have some insights about sowing.  If not, I’d at least get to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

IMG_5228A sower went out to sow… Some seeds fall on the path. Others fall on rocks. Still others fall in weeds.  Only some falls in the good soil.  Like the surprised listeners in Jesus day I ask, “Why did the Sower throw those seeds EVERYWHERE?”  I asked Betty.  She assured me that careful gardeners plant their seeds in fertile soil where the plants will flourish.

Often when we read this story we focus on the soil as verses 18-23 do.  Is my heart good soil?  What can I do to be better soil?   But maybe the story is really about the extravagance of the Sower.  Our Lord the Master Gardener doesn’t limit the seeds to fertile soil.  The seeds of God’s Word and love and grace are scattered–ABUNDANTLY.  No person.  No place. Nothing is outside of God’s mercy.

Evil, persecution, worries, and distractions are a part of life.  They may try to pull you away from God.  But have no fear. No matter what kind of soil you feel like today—dried up with weariness, choked out by fears, beaten down by struggles, or fertile and ready to grow—God’s love and healing are for you.  We can trust the Master Sower to tend our hearts and lives.


















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