Beyond Imagination

abundanceThe buzz this week has been about the biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpot ever. I keep overhearing conversations. ..”Did you enter? What would you do if you won?”  Jackpot signs are not big enough to display the amount of $1.5 billion. How many 0’s are in a billion anyway? That much money is beyond my imagination.

Our Gospel this week John 2: 1-11 tries to give us a clue about God’s grace and abundance. Like the lottery jackpot amount is more than we can imagine, we learn that God’s abundance is beyond imagination too. John 1:14- 16 describe Jesus as “full of grace and truth” which Jesus then gives to us “grace upon grace”.

What does grace upon grace, love upon love, blessing upon blessing look like? John 2 tells us with the story of Jesus at the wedding in Cana.  Way too early in the multi-day wedding celebration, the wine runs out. Encouraged by Mary, Jesus tells the servants to fill 6 huge purification jars with water and then take it to the wine steward.  The result? Gallons upon gallons upon gallons of the best wine ever.

Imagine a gallon milk jug filled with wine. Can you imagine 20 jugs full of wine? Now try to imagine 180 gallons of wonderful wine. That is more than enough! If you are a wine lover like me, by now you are grinning from ear to ear! The wine is abundant and overflowing. Grace upon grace. Love upon love. Blessing upon blessing. Beyond our imagination with more than enough to share.

We are in the season of Epiphany. Our Bible stories continue to shine light on Jesus so that we are transformed and see things in a different way (an epiphany). How does God’s grace upon grace, love upon love, abundance, and overflowing wine change the way you see…
* Jesus?
* Creation?
* Yourself when you look in the mirror?
* Your bank account?
* Your gifts and abilities?
* Your friends? Your enemies?
* Your time?

God of abundance and celebration,
Too often I’m concerned about not having enough.  You keep filling my life with so many good things that I fail to notice. Thank you for your grace, mercy, and blessings so many I cannot even count them. Turn on the light bulb in my heart so I recognize and share these gifts.  Amen


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