Beyond Imagination

“My mom made me come” said a little voice from the backseat as we drove to Bible camp last week. 1st and 2nd graders were on their way to Adventure day at Good Earth Village. The other girls were fired up, but one was honest.  She didn’t know what to expect.  A day at camp was beyond her imagination. On the way back it was a different story. Squeals and giggly voices yelled: “Can we go back again tomorrow? I can’t wait to stay overnight.  That was the best! “

Our wonderful, mysterious God is beyond human imagination too. Jesus told parables because cannot fully understand those mysteries.  Stories about ordinary things like seeds and yeast give us at hint at God’s kingdom. (Matthew 13:31-33)

The tiny mustard seed—which is really the seed of a weed! — grows and provides hospitality and shelter to countless birds and animals.  Yeast—a fermenting microorganism—transforms a huge amount of flour to feed the hungry.  God’s power—invisible but always present—offers life and transformation in even the simplest of things.  Prayer and life with God has a way of opening our hearts and minds to a new reality which exists outside of our own human imagination.

How is God at work beyond your imagination today?  Look for the subtle unexpected ways God’s power shows up.

Wonderful, mysterious God beyond human imagination,

We come to you today with prayers for our troubled world. Planes shot down. Children looking for a safe place to live. Wars over land and oil.       Help seeds of peace and caring grow among us. Use us to provide shelter, food, and hope to those who need it.

Wonderful, mysterious God beyond human imagination,

We pray for the congregation of Good Shepherd as they continue to wait     for a new pastor. Assure them that you are working beyond their wildest     human imagination. Help them recognize You in the unexpected             changes.

Wonderful, mysterious God beyond human imagination,

Thank you for working through moms, friends, and faith communities who “make us try things” outside of our comfort zone. Transform our hearts. Spark Your holy imagination within us.  Amen

Have some imagination fun with these games:

Last week’s photo was a weed—wild parsnip.  Although it looks pretty on the hillside, it can cause painful blisters when skin is exposed to wild parsnip and the sun.



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