Broken Crayons, Broken Shells, Broken People

broken crayonsAt the end of the school year, there is always a pile of broken crayons left behind. Who wants the broken crayons when next fall you can get a brand new box? It is the same way when hunting on the beach for seas shells. We go for the unbroken ones.

I read a beautiful article about broken shells this week. The author was hunting for a perfect shell on the beach instead she found real treasure in the broken ones. Read it here:

On Sunday our Bible reading comes Luke 7:36-8:3. In it we find an upstanding Pharisee and a broken woman. Read it to discover some things about brokenness, Jesus, and welcome.

Unlike our culture which is preoccupied with looks, power, and perfection, Jesus always moves toward the broken, suffering, imperfect, and outsiders. And that is extremely good news, because we are all broken. The worries, doubts, fears, and things we hate about ourselves are embraced by God.

As Christina Embree so beautifully says in her blog:
“In the meantime, ahead of us is God, exclaiming his delight over the beauty of our lives. What we see as
imperfections, he sees as His creation. He delights over US, in fact, the Bible says, He dances over us. Our
imperfections don’t cause him to overlook us; they draw Him to us. He picks us up, sings with joy, and puts us
in His “box”.”

Yes, there is a unique beauty in the broken crayons, broken shells, and broken people, because the broken have lived.

Gracious God,
I am astounded to think that You choose broken crayons, broken shells, and broken people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since everything is your precious creation. So often it is hard to believe that You welcome me just the way I am. You even love and embrace me when I cannot love myself. Give me the courage to color boldly, sharing your amazing love with others, because not everyone knows this great news! Amen.

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