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Who is Jesus?

The Christmas tree is down. The decorations are packed up. The carols are over. So now what? Do we pack up Jesus with the nativity and leave him in the box until next Christmas? As any parent knows, the birth … Continue reading

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The Ride of our Lives

Look at the expression on the child’s face! Have you ever felt that way? Hair standing on end? Scared to death? Wondering if this is REALLY what God wants for you? Notice the Holy Spirit holding on tight right next … Continue reading

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Ready or not, the New Year has come. Welcome to 2017! As in any new growing season or new sport season, there is an element of hope and excitement for what is coming. We are still in that stage of … Continue reading

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Dare to Stir Up the Holy Spirit

On Sunday these young people will confirm their faith at Good Shepherd. Their parents brought them to be baptized when they were babies, but now these youth will stand up for themselves. They will affirm their faith, and promise to follow … Continue reading

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The father hugs his son tightly. With sparkling eyes and overflowing heart, he says, “You are my beloved son.” Dad continues to tell his son how much he is loved until the son pulls away ready to go on playing. … Continue reading

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For All the Saints

Trick or Treat!  Ask any child if there is something special going on this week and they will know Halloween is coming. A quarter of all candy sold in the US is sold for Halloween.  While Halloween is very much … Continue reading

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Author and artist Jan L. Richardson has me thinking about thresholds—that strip of wood, metal, or stone which forms the bottom of a doorway crossing into a house or room. I do not usually give thought to those cross-over points, … Continue reading

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God’s Spirit at work

Sunday is Confirmation Day for thirteen special youth at Good Shepherd. God claimed them at Baptism and will never let them go. They have worshipped, served, learned, and prayed with their families and their faith family. On May 3 they … Continue reading

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John 4: 14-21

Do you have an “elevator speech”?  A short statement about you that sums up your passions and goals in life. One that is quick enough to give on a short elevator ride.  Pause for a moment and reflect on what … Continue reading

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Luke 3:15-22

Do you remember your baptism? Not many of us do. Last Sunday Blake and Rebecca were baptized. They were surrounded by family, sponsors, and the faith community. God’s never ending love for these children was announced. What did Blake and Rebecca do? … Continue reading

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