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Holy Week: A Love Letter from God

Thank you to Jess who gave me this cross she made. “I love you.” by God is just the message we need to hear as we move into the holiest week of the church year. Holy week begins on Sunday. … Continue reading

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How Were You Kind?

Welcome back to Walking with the Shepherd. I’ve taken the summer off from writing this devotional blog. Thanks for reading again. Now that school is starting back up, I’m ready to dig into the weekly Bible reading and wonder with … Continue reading

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Mixed Up

A conversation that might take place this Sunday. “I think my Sunday school teacher is mixed up. She told us the story of Jesus dying on the cross. But in music Mrs. Keseley said that Advent starts in a week. … Continue reading

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Some temptations are obvious. The temptation to eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies for an afternoon snack is not a good choice for our health. Other temptations are more subtle. The temptation to catch up on Facebook instead … Continue reading

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Think about the last time you were really excited.  Stand up, cheering, passionate, on-fire for something excited!  Was it the last second three point shot that swished through the hoop to tie the girls basketball conference game? Was it an … Continue reading

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We had a fire in the church kitchen last week. No smoke alarms went off. No fire trucks or fire extinguishers were involved. But there was an emergency involving flames. Actually the flames solved the emergency.  We needed more ashes … Continue reading

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Take Uo Your Cross

I saw the first colored leaves of the fall this morning. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the changing seasons. Sunrise is later each morning. Labor Day weekend is here. And kids are heading back to school. Are you … Continue reading

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