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Easter Questions

Last week I was blessed by questions from some of my young friends. Sara (age 4) looked at me with big sad eyes and asked “Why would anyone want to hurt and kill Jesus?” Later Evan (age 6) looked at … Continue reading

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I feel stuck like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog’s Day. In the movie, newscaster Phil Collins keeps waking up on the same day over and over and over again. The whole premise of the movie is—will he ever get … Continue reading

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The alleluias are released from hiding. The festive music is over. The hidden eggs are found. The celebratory dinner is eaten. The chocolate eggs and jelly beans are long gone. So Easter must be over, right? Not exactly. Church nerds … Continue reading

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Easter! I Just Don’t Understand What It is All About!

I have been enjoying this delightful video with a three year old Scottish girl and her dad. She asks some important questions about Easter like “Are the Easter bunny and Jesus best pals?” What kind of chocolate does Jesus like … Continue reading

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Easter Assurance

Casey looked up at me with his wise, wide, 5 year old eyes and announced with excitement, “Even the guards could not keep Jesus stuck in the tomb. Jesus is alive!” As I led worship at Rainbow Preschool this week … Continue reading

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Needing Easter

Today is Good Friday, the day Christians observe Jesus’ death. Why call the day good, when it was such a hard day for Jesus and his followers? The full weight of violence, anger, and hatred fell on Jesus’ shoulders—from political … Continue reading

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Miracles All Around

Last week the middle and high youth went together to see the movie “Miracles from Heaven.” Based on a true story, the movie is about 5 year old Annabel Beam and her life with a painful, life-threatening digestive disease. Don’t … Continue reading

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Fish Stories

Do you have a favorite fish story? Maybe it is about the big one that got away. Or about fishing off the edge of the dock as a kid. My son Brian’s favorite fish story is about the time he … Continue reading

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Idol Tale?

I came home from Easter worship this week a little bit ticked off. Why didn’t those disciples believe the women when they announced that Jesus was alive? Luke’s gospel says they thought it was an idle tale. How dare they … Continue reading

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The Last Word

We love to have the last word in an argument. We cherish the last words of a dying loved one. There is power in the last word—especially Jesus’ last Word. Today we celebrate Maundy Thursday—mandate Thursday. Jesus washes the disciples’ … Continue reading

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