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Love Letter from God

How are you doing friends? After long winter of deep snow and raging blizzards now we have dense fog, flooding, and water everywhere. Snow days, late starts, and no buses on gravel roads continue to challenge students and teachers as … Continue reading

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I feel stuck like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog’s Day. In the movie, newscaster Phil Collins keeps waking up on the same day over and over and over again. The whole premise of the movie is—will he ever get … Continue reading

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Hope and Healing

I attended the ELCA youth ministry extravaganza this week. Each January children, youth, and family leaders gather to learn, worship, and support each other. This year 1000 of us gathered in Houston, TX to prepare us for the summer youth … Continue reading

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Are You Waiting?

Most of us do not like to wait. Fast food, instant messaging, and Amazon prime delivery reflect our lack of patience. We whip out our cell phones as a distraction because waiting is so hard. The audience for Matthew’s gospel … Continue reading

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The Glass

What do you think? Is this glass of water half full or half empty? I usually see it as half full. Call me an optimist if you want. My husband often sees it as half empty. Dave is more of … Continue reading

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Parting Words

Sunday we recognize the 2017 graduates and I cannot resist giving them a few parting words. My dear graduates there is so much I want to say to you. You have grown from crying babies to giggly elementary students to … Continue reading

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Holy Time

The Confirmation banquet is one of the holiest nights of the year. We celebrate the gifts and passions of the 8th graders who will affirm their faith. Last night we were inspired by the insights and depth of faith of … Continue reading

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Look at these pictures. Can you figure out what they are? For these photos, stepping back to see the bigger picture would help. I feel the same way about our Bible text for Sunday. Luke 21:5-19 is not one we … Continue reading

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Cry for Justice

Last night the high school youth in our church talked about racism. As they told stories, I was struck by several things. 1) Their passion for calling out negative language and jokes. 2) Their frustration when leaders ignore or do … Continue reading

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More Is Better

    More is better. More money. More food. More power. More possessions. More land. Why limit yourself when you can have more? There is no question we live in a time and place where more is considered better. Over … Continue reading

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