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Give Thanks

Enjoy this humorous and insightful video as you give thanks![0]=68.ARANlScOjG823EdCE4Jo6RkarP4JmsZle3M4K5iMaMl5bWWjw2H_xV5qxKoN82I1uZMHNu7ZKTQ3R154kkXcggsTGgH1TWIp1yPifVvtyR2LWqzYMJDFyEbKNhVU6TlTrjk00fR_FlY4QSNqM-MFb-Y-QPmCqECRgrs_-5IxQXfJ4R-h6WGJ1oL_xPfFBrxGHrQD24Pk_Yx-5A0HE2g1MSiWDBj4lZRrYQdVXwRDBgycx9X9wIU-5XBMvaXTQNW6v9BFNdUqTnYi69twivWEFV3-AOV_NrxStc3ZRtT5ojKpEIAyjlJq_nuRkK4zpv8FPoZ2ZK_O5lGZChijb1b7pfAPnWEFjS4&__tn__=FC-R What would you add? At the top of my thankful list today is community—chances to be together. • I give thanks for the ten wild and wonderful junior high … Continue reading

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Attitude of Gratitude

As we turn the calendar to November, I think it is time to start a new trend. Let’s celebrate a whole month of giving thanks instead of just waiting until Thanksgiving Day. I will bless the Lord at all times; … Continue reading

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The Glass

What do you think? Is this glass of water half full or half empty? I usually see it as half full. Call me an optimist if you want. My husband often sees it as half empty. Dave is more of … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Praise the Lord! O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalm 106:1 What traditions do you have to give thanks to the Lord as you gather around the Thanksgiving table? Please … Continue reading

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Wow, what a week! I spent it at a conference about cross-generational faith formation. I’m so thankful for the wisdom of those gathered. Together we explored what happens when you bring the wisdom of the elder together with the wonder … Continue reading

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Stay Strong

What a crazy and mixed up world we live in. Even as we prepare to thank God for all our blessings this Thanksgiving, our hearts are breaking because of the pain and suffering in the world–bombs and terror in France, … Continue reading

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God Rocks

This week Facebook was flooded with first day of school photos.  Isn’t it fun to look at the excited kids toting their new backpacks? The photos mark the milestone of starting each grade. What fun to look back at the … Continue reading

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Life-giving Bread

What a wonderful week at Good Shepherd. We had the opportunity to give thanks to God for the daily bread we receive by sharing life-giving bread with others.           Breakfast bags for families staying at the … Continue reading

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Just in time for Thanksgiving…wise words from Julie Klock:

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Thank You

“Thank you.” Two simple words with eight measly letters.  But these words can change the way we see everything.  Just like putting on a pair of glasses, the world looks different.  We notice things we didn’t see before.  New things … Continue reading

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