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Miracles All Around

Last week the middle and high youth went together to see the movie “Miracles from Heaven.” Based on a true story, the movie is about 5 year old Annabel Beam and her life with a painful, life-threatening digestive disease. Don’t … Continue reading

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The Overture

Lights dim. People settle into their seats. Everyone holds their breath as the drama begins. But first comes the overture. Overture music hints at what is to come. Themes are introduced which will soon be played out on the stage. … Continue reading

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The boys were playing outside on an early spring day. Brian and Peter ages 5 and 3 rode big wheels up and down the sidewalk. Dressed in jackets and boots they were having a grand time. The fun came to … Continue reading

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Some temptations are obvious. The temptation to eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies for an afternoon snack is not a good choice for our health. Other temptations are more subtle. The temptation to catch up on Facebook instead … Continue reading

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The father hugs his son tightly. With sparkling eyes and overflowing heart, he says, “You are my beloved son.” Dad continues to tell his son how much he is loved until the son pulls away ready to go on playing. … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be bold? Do you consider yourself bold? I want to introduce you to some bold 3rd-6th graders. Last weekend was MEA and several Sunday school teachers were gone.  Dawn and I invited the older children … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

My favorite image of Jesus has always been Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  This picture has been on my bedroom wall since I was in elementary school!  I love the idea of Jesus as my Shepherd, guiding and caring for … Continue reading

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Write it on Their Hearts

As a parent I pray for my children …that they know the Lord …that they know God’s great love for them …that they follow Jesus and walk with him every day. Yes I would like them to be healthy. Yes … Continue reading

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Just Hanging On

This week I’ve talked to many people who feel like they are just barely hanging on. Like that last leaf on the tree outside, they are ready to fall. * Some are youth who are struggling in school (and their … Continue reading

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God’s Spirit at work

Sunday is Confirmation Day for thirteen special youth at Good Shepherd. God claimed them at Baptism and will never let them go. They have worshipped, served, learned, and prayed with their families and their faith family. On May 3 they … Continue reading

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