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The Last Word

We love to have the last word in an argument. We cherish the last words of a dying loved one. There is power in the last word—especially Jesus’ last Word. Today we celebrate Maundy Thursday—mandate Thursday. Jesus washes the disciples’ … Continue reading

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Stay Strong

What a crazy and mixed up world we live in. Even as we prepare to thank God for all our blessings this Thanksgiving, our hearts are breaking because of the pain and suffering in the world–bombs and terror in France, … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget

The other day I went to the grocery store for cottage cheese and I came home with a bag full of groceries, but no cottage cheese. Yes, I forgot to buy the cottage cheese! I often forget where I set … Continue reading

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Warning: Pentecost

Why don’t we put warning signs on our church doors? Why don’t we bubble wrap our children when we read them Bible stories? Is it because we don’t expect anything to happen? Is our faith too safe? As a lifelong … Continue reading

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Beyond Imagination

“My mom made me come” said a little voice from the backseat as we drove to Bible camp last week. 1st and 2nd graders were on their way to Adventure day at Good Earth Village. The other girls were fired … Continue reading

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Multiplication Factor

Think back to your elementary school days. When the concept of multiplication was introduced, did you get it? Or did it blow your mind? Addition was easy…take something; add something and you have more. But multiplication…take something; multiply and you … Continue reading

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God’s Power Surge

How any surge protectors do you have in your home? We have at least eight to protect our computers and other electronic devices from those unexpected and unbounded boosts of energy. Power surges are dangerous when they short circuit the … Continue reading

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