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This Changes Everything

This changes everything… We all have defining moments that shape our life forever. Over the course of this week, friends have experienced some of these life changing moments–birth, death, job changes, moves, unexpected joy, and unexpected loss. Take a minute … Continue reading

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The Glass

What do you think? Is this glass of water half full or half empty? I usually see it as half full. Call me an optimist if you want. My husband often sees it as half empty. Dave is more of … Continue reading

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Entering THE Story

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing with the nativity set during Advent. The wise men and their camels would start out in the far ends of the house. Each day my sister and I took turns moving them … Continue reading

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Five Minutes of Peace

In the children’s book Five Minutes’ Peace, Mrs. Large longs for a few minutes of quiet from her busy children. She sneaks into the bathtub for a short rest from the chaos of the day. Minutes later her 3 children … Continue reading

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The End?

I have been stuck on endings this week. Maybe I should have noticed all the endings of holy week before. The title of “The Last Supper” is a clue. Like a servant Jesus washes his disciples’ feet.  Then Jesus shares … Continue reading

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What book was written over a 1400 year time span? What book has been translated into more than 1200 different languages? What book has 6 billion copies in print?  What book is really a library of 66 books? You have … Continue reading

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Just Hanging On

This week I’ve talked to many people who feel like they are just barely hanging on. Like that last leaf on the tree outside, they are ready to fall. * Some are youth who are struggling in school (and their … Continue reading

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Empty Spaces

As I stand under the tree and look up, I can see dark branches against the bright blue sky.  Just a week ago the tree was filled with colored leaves, but now empty space remains. Our kitchen table has empty … Continue reading

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Good News?

Our Bible story this Sunday is from Luke 13:10-17. Take one minute to watch and listen. What wonderful news! Jesus changes everything! After 18 years of crippling pain, this woman is free to see the world anew. She is able … Continue reading

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