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Listening for God

Yesterday while serving with a group of youth, we talked about listening for God. Some heard God in music. Others at night and bedtime. Another said in church. As we spent the day serving at Whitewater State Park I reflected … Continue reading

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Which Voices?

Think about the many messages and voices you hear every week. Which do you listen to? • The 5000 advertisements that the average person is exposed to each day. • Different spins on the news from diverse news sources. • … Continue reading

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Words I Need to Hear

Last week it was my privilege to meet Matteo Musso. “Teo” as he is affectionately called by family and friends is a courageous 14 year old with a great sense of humor. He is an author, artist, poet, and an … Continue reading

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Cluttered Brain

Our brains take in so much information that we automatically sort everything we learn into basic 3 categories—like, dislike, and ignore. The vast majority of what we see and hear—97% is ignored. Does your brain really need to remember what … Continue reading

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What are you looking for?

What am I looking for? I wish I didn’t have to ask myself that when I go into a room. Often there was something I am looking for, but I cannot remember what it is—cell phone, car keys, or to … Continue reading

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