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Salt Needed

Several years ago when my children were young, we made a batch of cookies. We remembered all the important things like chocolate chips, brown sugar, butter, eggs and flour. But in the chaos of making cookies with 3 small boys … Continue reading

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Sit and Listen

The excitement is building. In just over a week our high school students will be heading to Chicago on a mission trip. The kids are busy seeing how much stuff they can squeeze into their bags. The adults are planning … Continue reading

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Not Your Child’s Bible Story

The Gospel of Mark has a Bible story that we NEVER tell in Sunday school. The story has all the intrigue, treachery, and drama of a reality TV show.  Tucked in between Jesus sending out the disciples and their return … Continue reading

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Sent Out

In less than two weeks, these Good Shepherd youth will take off for the National Youth Gathering in Detroit, MI. They will meet up with 30,000 other Lutheran youth to worship, serve, and learn. Many of you have shared memories … Continue reading

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Who Do You say That I Am?

One of my favorite games to play with a group of young children is to ask, “How old do you think I am?”  It is a delight to hear that I am 16.  Or 87.  Or 34. Or somewhere in … Continue reading

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Multiplication Factor

Think back to your elementary school days. When the concept of multiplication was introduced, did you get it? Or did it blow your mind? Addition was easy…take something; add something and you have more. But multiplication…take something; multiply and you … Continue reading

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Stressed Out

STRESS is something we all experience. We are pulled in many ways with responsibilities, relationships, and schedules. We cannot do everything and be everything—even though that is what we want. Just reading the word makes my blood pressure go up! … Continue reading

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At the Feet of Jesus

We sat at the feet of Jesus this week. The plan was for the youth to BE the hands and feet of Jesus on our mission trip to Chicago. The youth and leaders prayed this prayer as they started their … Continue reading

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He Sent Them Out

“After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go.” Luke 10:1 What an appropriate Gospel as Good Shepherd sends out a group … Continue reading

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The Places You’ll Go…

Congratulations Graduates! We are proud of you. You have worked hard and conquered challenges to reach this goal. We celebrate with you all the places you’ll go… as you venture out into the world to use your God given gifts. … Continue reading

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