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Here I Stand

What do you stand for? Is there anything that makes you passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone to act, even if it might get you in trouble? While you think about your own passions, let me tell … Continue reading

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The Overture

Lights dim. People settle into their seats. Everyone holds their breath as the drama begins. But first comes the overture. Overture music hints at what is to come. Themes are introduced which will soon be played out on the stage. … Continue reading

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Warning: Pentecost

Why don’t we put warning signs on our church doors? Why don’t we bubble wrap our children when we read them Bible stories? Is it because we don’t expect anything to happen? Is our faith too safe? As a lifelong … Continue reading

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Think about the last time you were really excited.  Stand up, cheering, passionate, on-fire for something excited!  Was it the last second three point shot that swished through the hoop to tie the girls basketball conference game? Was it an … Continue reading

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Who Do You say That I Am?

One of my favorite games to play with a group of young children is to ask, “How old do you think I am?”  It is a delight to hear that I am 16.  Or 87.  Or 34. Or somewhere in … Continue reading

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The Places You’ll Go…

Congratulations Graduates! We are proud of you. You have worked hard and conquered challenges to reach this goal. We celebrate with you all the places you’ll go… as you venture out into the world to use your God given gifts. … Continue reading

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