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We Remember

Memorial weekend is a time to remember, honor and give thanks for those who gave their life in service to our country. I invite you to pray this beautiful prayer written by Austin Fleming Hear Our Prayer This Day In … Continue reading

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Cluttered Brain

Our brains take in so much information that we automatically sort everything we learn into basic 3 categories—like, dislike, and ignore. The vast majority of what we see and hear—97% is ignored. Does your brain really need to remember what … Continue reading

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Come to Me

We are in the midst of summer vacation season. It is fun to enjoy the fun photos and stories of friends who are enjoying time away–at a beach or cabin or adventure. Is there a smell or sound that reminds … Continue reading

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Listening to God

Last night the Confirmation students walked a prayer labyrinth. You can see from the photo that a labyrinth is a path which leads, via a winding route, to the center of an intricate design and back out again. While walking … Continue reading

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Cry for Justice

Last night the high school youth in our church talked about racism. As they told stories, I was struck by several things. 1) Their passion for calling out negative language and jokes. 2) Their frustration when leaders ignore or do … Continue reading

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Location. Location. Location.

When buying a home, location is one of the main priorities. When going to a sporting event, finding the right spot to watch and cheer on the team is a priority. Anyone involved in the new “Pokeman Go” craze knows … Continue reading

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Jesus Prays

Pull out your Bible memory for a minute and see if you can remember any stories about Jesus praying. • If you are a kindergartener who just learned the Lord’s Prayer, you may remember that Jesus taught the disciples this … Continue reading

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Still Easter?

Still Easter? Why is it still Easter? I love the questions from Confirmation students.  Katelyn knew that April 5 was Easter. Now it was May but the bulletin still said it was Easter. So why is it still Easter? The … Continue reading

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Write it on Their Hearts

As a parent I pray for my children …that they know the Lord …that they know God’s great love for them …that they follow Jesus and walk with him every day. Yes I would like them to be healthy. Yes … Continue reading

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Listen To Him

Parents and teachers have all kinds of strategies to get their children to listen: • a gentle touch on the shoulder • giving them “the look” • moving in eyeball to eyeball • taking away a cell phone • add … Continue reading

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