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Watching raindrops in a lake or puddle can be mesmerizing. Each drop sends out a ring of ripples which radiate out from the center. The little waves keep traveling outward in wider and wider circles far from where they started. … Continue reading

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I Choose You

Sunday ten students will confirm their faith at Good Shepherd. They will stand in front of the congregation to say “Yes, I believe. Yes, I promise.” They are affirming the promises made for them at baptism by parents and sponsors. … Continue reading

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Following JC

The week of Vacation Bible is always one of my favorite of the year. As you can see from the photo, this year is no exception. Our Bible verse was “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.” … Continue reading

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Super Heroes

If you could have any super power? What would you want? Do you have a favorite super hero? Super Hero Vacation Bible School starts next week, so I’m deep in the world of super heroes. Our young super heroes will … Continue reading

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Here I Stand

What do you stand for? Is there anything that makes you passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone to act, even if it might get you in trouble? While you think about your own passions, let me tell … Continue reading

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Salt Needed

Several years ago when my children were young, we made a batch of cookies. We remembered all the important things like chocolate chips, brown sugar, butter, eggs and flour. But in the chaos of making cookies with 3 small boys … Continue reading

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The gym at the Y was full of laughing, playing children. Balls were bouncing. Kids and staff were talking. The room was buzzing with activity. I stopped by to say hi to Sam who was working as a counselor at … Continue reading

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Sent to Serve

These young people went to serve in the city of Chicago last week. We went as representatives of Good Shepherd to feed the hungry, play with children, and to welcome strangers. Your prayers and financial support went with us. You … Continue reading

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On the Road

Summer is a season of travel. I love the stories and photos of peoples’ adventures. I live vicariously through their time at the lake cabin, adventures in the Black Hills, and even the school trip to Germany. The recent Living … Continue reading

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Jesus Prays

Pull out your Bible memory for a minute and see if you can remember any stories about Jesus praying. • If you are a kindergartener who just learned the Lord’s Prayer, you may remember that Jesus taught the disciples this … Continue reading

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