Entrusted with Treasure

Every time the Power ball jackpot gets really high people start asking, what would you do if you won? What would you do with millions of dollars? It is fun to dream about what we would do if we were entrusted with treasure.

This dream came true for the servants in our Bible story. Matt 25:14-30 is the Parable of the Talents. Jesus tells the story of a master who entrusts his treasure with three servants. The first receives five talents. (A talent is worth fifteen years of wages so that is a ridiculously large amount!) The next servant receives two talents. The final is given one talent which is still extravagant.

This story invites us to think about what we would do with that kind of treasure. Would we keep it? Share it with family? Give it away?

But wait…we are entrusted with priceless treasure! In Confirmation class the last few weeks we have been thinking about God’s grace. Like the servants in Jesus’ story, everything we have comes from God. We are given life and family and friends and food and clothing and talents and health and forgiveness. All are gifts of God’s grace. Best of all we are given God’s love and presence.

So as Luther asks, “What does this mean for us?” Looking back at the parable, we learn that when the master returned all of the servants still had the treasure. One held on tight and buried it. But two of the servants used, invested, and shared their talents—increasing the value by 100%.

What will we do with the treasure, time, and talents entrusted to us by God? Will we respond by being agents of God’s grace? Will we share God’s amazing love by passing it on? Will we live with compassion and generosity as Jesus? Not because we have to, but because God first loves us. Whose treasure is it anyway?

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