Extravagant Love

The past few weeks some adults from Good Shepherd have shown extravagant love. They have courageously and honestly shared stories about their faith journey with the Confirmation students. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Sarah Niemeyer, Jeff Henry, Nicole Engler, and Tim Schneider for taking the time to reflect and tell those stories.

It is not easy to put faith into words. It is not easy to dig deep into faith questions and share them with others. It is not easy to admit mistakes and how you grew from them. Thank you friends for being vulnerable and open about God’s presence in your life.

As the 8th graders prepare for their Confirmation Day, they are busy writing their own faith statements. These too are an extravagant gift of love. Love to God as they reflect on what God’s relationship means to them and love to others as they share their stories at the Confirmation banquet on May 1.

What does extravagant love look like? It looks like youth and adults talking with one another about God’s presence in their lives. Our Bible is filled with stories of extravagant love too.

Last week our Bible story from Luke 15 was the parable of a Father lovingly, longingly waiting for his son to come home. Extravagantly waiting. Extravagantly celebrating. Extravagantly loving the son who left as well as the son who remained home.

This week our Bible story is from John 12:1-8, the last gathering of Jesus’ friends before he heads to Jerusalem and the cross. Mary pours expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. Extravagantly loving with costly oils. Extravagantly drying his feet with her own hair.

The most extravagant love of all is still to come—Jesus’ journey to the cross. Holy week begins April 14. We will watch as Jesus lovingly faces death so that all may know God’s love and grace. We will remember as Jesus extravagantly forgives those who hurt him. We will wait as Jesus beaks the bonds of death by bringing forth new life.

Where do you see extravagant love? Where can you give extravagant love today?

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