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img011Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.” People love this Bible story about Jesus calling his disciples. What’s not to love about fishing and meeting Jesus and having your life changed?  We know the Bible stories have meaning for us too.  And we are honored that Jesus invites us to follow just like the disciples. If Jesus can call modest fishermen, then Jesus might want ordinary me tool

The story is fine IF you stop reading, but it goes on…” and immediately they left their nets and followed him.”  In Mark 1: 14-20  Simon, Andrew, James, and John immediately left everything—boats, net, and even family– to follow Jesus.

I may be ready to follow Jesus, but I’m not so ready to leave things behind. My family is a gift from God. I’m sure God wants me to learn and grow with them. My home and community are a gift from God. I know God wants me to live and serve, here and now.

What's ImportantSo I spent this week wondering about the Bible story, especially the “let it go” part.  Then a Facebook post came through my feed.  I do not know the woman who shared it, but she struck a nerve. The picture was shared 65,000 times. We all know the pressure of being pulled in multiple directions.  Is following Jesus one more thing to add to our lists of things to do?

What if Jesus’ call to follow is a gift? Maybe Jesus is reassuring us that we can and should let go of some of the demands on us. Maybe we are invited to focus on what is important and leave the rest behind.

Follow me, Jesus says. Your identity comes from God.  You are valued and loved for who you are (faults included)—not what you wear, what you do, or the kind of car you drive.

Follow me, Jesus says. Live in community with those who will help you grow in relationship to God.

Follow me, Jesus says. And you will be empowered to be agents of God’s love in the world. You get to be the hands, feet, hearts and ears of God in your home, community, and world.

To talk or pray about:

* What demands of the world might Jesus be inviting you to let go?

* What does it look like to follow Jesus today, in your life?


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