Lifted Up

20150201_084333Last weekend Tara and I went to Detroit to check out the city for this summer’s national youth gathering.  We attended the ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza along with over a thousand others who are passionate about youth, faith, and God’s grace. The theme was STORY—God’s, Ours, Your, Mine.

There were so many holy moments…Worship. Bible stories. Jamming to the hymnal. Exploring Detroit in the midst of a blizzard. Hanging out with Detroit Redwing fans in a local pub. Getting to know Pastor Krista. Meeting people from across the country. Seeing Ford Field and Detroit neighborhoods. Laughter. Tears. Hope.

And I was lifted up.

Our Gospel for this week is found in Mark 1:29-39. Jesus is in the town of Capernaum teaching and healing. Jesus goes to Simon and Andrew’s house where they find Simon’s mother-in-law sick. “Jesus came and took her by the hand and lifted her up.” Mark 1:31

I am struck by the words…lifted up. Like Simon’s mother-in-law, I need healing. Often I do not even realize it. But God does and I am lifted up.

Where is God lifting up in your life or the people around you?  Where do you or someone in your life need to be lifted up? Open your eyes and hearts to see.

Here are some examples from my week:

  • The city of Detroit rising up from the devastation of bankruptcy and job losses. We found a city with hope and passion and wonderful people ready to welcome 30,000 Lutherans this summer.
  • My friend with cancer is lifted as well as lifting others as she writes about thriving spiritually.
  • A new friend tells the story of her son—shot in the face—learning to walk, think, and live again.
  • I am lifted through worship, God’s Word, and relationships with all of you.

Now make your own list. May the Lord lift you up from known and unknown burdens.  Amen




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