Light and Hope

This morning as we each stumble, leap, fall, fly, or rise out of bed may we bring light.
Light to the person whose trust was shattered,
Light to the person whose heart is broken,
Light to those who mourn,
Light to those that bring our own lives light,
Light to those trying to figure things out.
Light brings hope. And in hope we all move forward. This is my hope. Amen

These words written by my friend Karen seem particularly fitting today as we move into the season of Advent. Thank you Karen! Amid the busy-ness of life and Christmas expectations and the realities of the pain and brokenness in our world, we long for light and hope. The whole world longs for light, hope and meaning.

That is exactly what Advent is…watching, getting ready, and waiting for the new possibilities unleashed in Jesus. I cannot imagine living without that Hope and Light.

A thoughtful Confirmation student asked, Are we waiting for Jesus? I thought Jesus was already present with us. The answer is yes and yes. Yes, Jesus is present with us now. Jesus walks with us in our joys and sorrows. Jesus is the light we see reflected in the kindness of others. But yes we also long for more—a time when weeping, injustice, loneliness, suffering and death will cease. We live in a time of “already and not yet”. Jesus is already here, but God’s dream is not yet fully fulfilled. In the life of Jesus we see glimpses of what more is to come.

So with Karen we pray that we may bring light and hope to those around us. We also pray for God’s everlasting light and hope to continue to break into our lives and all of creation.

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