The Places You’ll Go…

Good Shepherd Graduates Congratulations Graduates! We are proud of you. You have worked hard and conquered challenges to reach this goal. We celebrate with you all the places you’ll go… as you venture out into the world to use your God given gifts.

How appropriate that graduation happens during the church season of Pentecost. Remember the flames of fire on peoples’ heads. The fire of the Spirit is the passion within us. That passion or spark looks different depending on what fires us up. We are each created with unique gifts and passions to share.

In our Bible story today, we learn about Jesus and his passion (compassion). He is stirred to care for a vulnerable mother and to heal her son who is not just sick but DEAD. Read it in Luke 7:11-17

Think about would you have done if the funeral procession was passing by you. Some might walk by without looking. Others might race home to make a casserole. Some might volunteer to carry the funeral pallet. Others might join the procession weeping along with the mother. While others might have checked his pulse and began CPR. I’m sure at least one of our graduates would have sent a text on their cell phone!

Oh the place you’ll go… Not only are our graduates sent, but EACH of us is empowered and impassioned by the Holy Spirit and sent. Young and old. Individuals and groups. During this time of transition, take time to reflect on the sparks within yourself and within our faith community. What needs for hope and healing are waiting?

Watch this fun and inspiring video! Better yet, watch it with someone (kids, youth, or adults). Then talk about your passions!

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