On the Loose

Erin and I spent yesterday with a group of ten wild, crazy, passionate, fun, and energetic youth. We turned them loose in the Plainview library to inventory books. We turned them loose in the Dollar Store to purchase items for families experiencing homelessness in Chicago. We turned them loose in Color Me Mine to paint bowls for the Channel One food bank fundraiser. We turned them loose in the new and old kitchens at Good Shepherd.

When you get a group of young people together, you never know exactly what will happen. You know LOTS will happen, but you aren’t exactly sure how it will turn out. Enjoy the photos!

This Sunday is Pentecost. After Jesus returned to heaven, God turned the Holy Spirit loose to work in and through God’s people on earth. We celebrate this on Pentecost Sunday. God’s power is multiplied through all of God’s children.

I think the Spirit’s action looks a little like yesterday’s holy adventures. The youth were entrusted with important work and they got it done. What would have taken one person hours to do, was done in minutes. What would have boring alone, became an adventure. What could have been overwhelming, was shared among friends.

Maybe this was what God had in mind when God turned the Holy Spirit loose in the world. Problems solved in unexpected ways. Care for the whole creation by people with a variety of passions. The energy of youth. The wisdom of elders. The curiosity of children. Loving. Caring. Serving. Forgiving. Healing. Teaching. All those things which Jesus did—now entrusted to us with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is on the loose in our congregation. The new space opens up new possibilities for serving, growing, and welcoming. How is God’s Spirit nudging you? How is God’s Spirit inspiring the Good Shepherd?

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