Storms Ahead

We had some very brave children at Vacation Bible School last week. We talked about what makes us afraid. Many said, “Nothing!” while others admitted fear of spiders, tornadoes, and the dark. We were trying to imagine what it was like for the disciples in the boat in a storm on the sea. Waves! Wind! Swamped boat!

For many of us it doesn’t take much imagination to feel that fear. Many storms rage in our lives. Some are storms of basic survival—food, shelter, and jobs. Some storms reflect our concern for others as they fight illness or grieve the death of a loved one. Other storms are wider in scope related to global climate change, economic and racial inequities, world violence. Then there are the personal storms of feeling inadequate, lonely, or stressed. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the storms of life.

During the storms, we need to hear the words of Jesus found in our Bible story this week–Mark 4:35-41. First Jesus tells the wind and sea, “Peace. Be Still.” Then he asks the disciples, “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” These words wash over me giving rest and hope as I turn to Jesus.

Peace. Be still. Why are you afraid? Have you no faith? Like the wind and waves, I need to be still and listen to Jesus. Like the disciples I need to trust that God can bring new life out of the storms around me.

Storms are ahead for all who follow Jesus. But rest assured that
• the One who creates life from a dead little seed
• the One who created you and the wind and the sea
• the One who overcomes death and the grave
• the One who invites you to follow, grow, and serve
Will be with you and give you every measure of grace needed in and through the storms ahead.

Try this:
* Take pencil and paper. Write, draw, or doodle about the fears and storms in your life. As you draw, let go of the fear and give them to Jesus.
* Send a flat Jesus to someone who needs the comfort of knowing that Jesus is with them. Find a flat Jesus to print and color at church or here:

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