Story_LogoWhat book was written over a 1400 year time span? What book has been translated into more than 1200 different languages? What book has 6 billion copies in print?  What book is really a library of 66 books?

You have probably figured out by now…the answer is the Bible.  But none of those facts gets at why the Bible is so important. The stories in the Bible are about God. But they are also about you and me. These stories from 2-3 thousand years ago are timeless truth of God’s promises for then and NOW. God’s story intersects with our story. God’s promises are for today too.

During the season of Lent, the Sunday scriptures look at the BIG STORY of the Bible. Individual stories connect into THE STORY that gives our life meaning. Last Sunday we heard the story of Noah and the promise of the rainbow. This week we turn to Abraham and Sarah. (Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16)  God told them to leave their home and travel to a new place. They listened to God, loaded up all their belongings and moved. And God was with them. Hmmm Does that sound familiar?  Have you ever moved? Did God go with you? Do you know anyone who is moving and needs to be reminded that God is with them? (Hint Pastor Krista’s family moves next week.)

God promises 99 year old Abraham ancestors as many as the stars in the sky. It’s no wonder his barren wife Sarah laughed. After waiting 25 years they finally had a child.  That is a very long time to wait! God’s answers to promises are not always how we expect or when we expect.  But God always keeps those promises. God promised to bless the whole world through Abraham’s family and God did still does. The stars in the night sky remind us of God’s promise to bless us and bless others through us.

Try this:

* Tell your favorite Bible story to someone. Why is it your favorite? How does it connect to your life story?

* Still looking for something special to do for Lent?  Check out these creative ideas:

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