The Lord is With You

The Lord is with you.The teenager shuffled into the house and plopped down on a chair.  She sighed. It had been a long day.  Now it was time to start chores. Suddenly she heard an unexpected voice, “Hello. You are special; the Lord is with you.” Looking up at the stranger, the teen replied, “Uh, what?”

Mary’s visit from the angel may have started something like this. After reassurance “Do not be afraid, God is pleased with you,” the angel gave Mary the mission of bearing God. On Sunday we will read Mary’s story found in Luke 1:26-36. It is kind of fun to picture the scene with a bit of teenage attitude thrown in.  I can see Mary perking up when she hears she is needed. Mary replies “Bring it on. I’m ready to serve however I am needed.”

Like Mary we all need

  • to know that the Lord is with us
  • the assurance to not be afraid
  • the affirmation that God is pleased with us
  • to know that we are needed.

Can you hear the words of the angel spoken to you? Blessings chosen one, the Lord is with you! Whether we are tired or excited, discouraged or hopeful, worried or at peace, angry, sad, bored or joyful…the message is the same. Blessings chosen one, the Lord is with you.

The family gathered around the baptismal font with the baby. The pastor dipped water and baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; then said, “You are a special child of God. The Lord is with you. Do not be afraid. Use your gifts to serve the world spreading the light of Jesus.”

Lord, sometimes I do not love myself; yet You know all about me and still love me. Help me to hear your words of affirmation. May I work and rest in the assurance of your love as shown so clearly in the gift of Christ our Lord. Amen

  • What words do you need to hear today?
  •  Enjoy this beautiful video of “Mary Did You Know” by the Penatonix

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