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What is trending in your life’s newsfeed this week?

•   For many it is graduation. What a joy to hear stories and see photos of high school, college, and preschool graduations!
•   For others it is memories. This is Memorial weekend and we honor all who have died while serving our country. The new Shawn Schneider memorial was unveiled in Lake City. In Plainview a new bench was placed in remembrance of Ardie Jurgenson.
•   For some it is loss. The death of a parent. A concert bombing in Manchester England. The end of a job and rejection notices on new employment opportunities. Not passing an important exam.
•   For others questions. How can I live with my anxiety or depression every single day? What will I do now that I’ve graduated? How can I tell my friends and family what I’m really feeling? How can I provide for my children?
•   Teachers and school kids are doing a happy dance since summer vacation is almost here! While parents are anxiously finalizing summer activities.

Think about your own newsfeed. Do you sense God’s presence weaving in and through all of your life stories? Whether we notice it or not, God’s Spirit is in, with, under, and through every breath we take. The things trending in your life’s newsfeed are also in your faith life newsfeed.

Thursday is Ascension Day, when the church commemorates Jesus’ return to heaven. Read about it in Acts 1:6-14. While the disciples may have been perplexed and saddened by this transition, it opened up new possibilities…the coming of the Holy Spirit.

For more on the Spirit of God turned loose in the world, check in again next week as we celebrate Pentecost. Meanwhile be assured that you are on God’s newsfeed. God’s Spirit is with you as you journey through the ups AND downs of your life journey. God’s Spirit works through you as you accompany others in joy, sorrow, questions, and celebrations.

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