What are you looking for?

20170111_204423 (2)What am I looking for? I wish I didn’t have to ask myself that when I go into a room. Often there was something I am looking for, but I cannot remember what it is—cell phone, car keys, or to do list? When I had three rambunctious little boys running around the house, it was easy to blame them for my forgetfulness. But I don’t have that excuse anymore and I still wonder—what am I looking for?

I’m intrigued that In the Gospel of John, Jesus’ first words are “What are you looking for?” As a couple of people start following Jesus, he asks, “What are you looking for?” You can read the whole conversation in John 1:29-42.

What are you looking for? Wow! This is a powerful question–way more important than my lost list or gadgets. It gets to the heart of priorities. What really matters? What do you need? What are you longing for?

Jesus invites us to stopping racing around and reflect. This is a crossroads for the disciples and for us. What you are looking for will guide your decisions and actions through life. Take a few moments to set aside your technology, breathe slowly, and quiet your mind. Imagine sitting with Jesus over a cup of coffee and telling him what you are looking and longing for.

This week I had a conversation with a Mickaela. She is a high school student and friend of mine. Over hot chocolate, we started talking about sports and school. But it turned into a “What are you looking for?” conversation. Mickaela became animated and passionate when she switched to talk about faith and living it in everyday life. What is Mickaela looking for? She is looking for space to think critically about diversity, racism, the environment and people who are marginalized. She is looking for ways to listen to diverse voices in safe, non-judgmental, and respectful ways.

What would happen if we each sat down with someone of a different generation and had a “What are you looking for?” conversation. Could we learn from each other? Would relationships develop? Would Jesus show up in our time together? Could we encourage each other in following our priorities? Maybe that was what Jesus had in mind when he answered, “Come and see.”

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